Monday, February 28, 2011 Launches Free Public Records Search That Makes It Easier And Faster To Find Records By Predicting Search Results Instantly’s free instant public records search taps into more than 20,000 state, county & city government databases and public record sites to predict accurate search results for public records, background checks and criminal records. - Mar 1, 2011 - today announced the launch of its site - an instant public record search technology that provides a faster search with smarter predictions and instant results. Users can use other search engines to find data in billions of records from federal, state and local databases, or they can go to one of the existing public record directories, lists or guides. Either approach can not only take a lot of time & effort but also may not deliver accurate or up to date results.’s Instant Public Record Search Technology simplifies the search process by intuitively predicting the search criteria as the user types. The results appear from the state, county and city government public record sites instantly as the user types, helping them see where they’re headed and allowing them to change their search criteria to ensure they are receiving the desired results.

Benefits :-

Instant Search versus Directories and Guides :- Existing public record sites provide directories and guides to government agencies websites that are manually profiled and optimized allowing for individuals to purchase background checks from their advertising partners. On the other hand, provides comprehensive results directly from state public record websites, county public record sites and city public record sites instantly.

Intuitive Searches versus Traditional Searches :- can predict the search criteria and retrieve matching results before the user finishes typing - resulting in quick results and an exceptional customer experience.

Centralized Searches versus Decentralized Searches :- Lack of a centralized database for public records such as Birth Records, Criminal Records and Bankruptcy Records that are maintained at state and city level database, makes it difficult for users when searching for something in particular. eliminates the need for searching multiple databases by integrating this data into one place - making it much easier for consumers to obtain the results they are seeking.

Along with providing centralized and easy access to various public records, also acts as a gateway to free and paid providers for products such as People Search, Background Checks and Criminal checks. Whether looking for a city public record to learn about population information or simply running a criminal background check on acquaintances, is a great place to start.

About :- is a comprehensive Public Records Search facility where consumers can obtain public records for free or at a reduced price. Our advanced cloud-based technology allows consumers to search for online providers within seconds. ThePublicRecords covers a wide variety of public records searches such as public criminal records, public property records and public court records which allows users access to information about sex offenders or unclaimed property, for instance. To access information about your demographic region or neighborhood, ThePublicRecords also covers public state records, public city records, public county records and more. Visit our blog for up-to-date information.

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