Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Announces Public Records Search Service That Protects Small Business Owners from Contractor Fraud

Newly launched online public records search service,, works to give business owners protection against financial loss due to vendor or contractor fraud.

Economic difficulties have made the likelihood of fraud in the workplace greater because businesses have cut costs, cut people and small to medium sized businesses are forced to outsource projects and other business functions. Newly Launched seeks to protect business owners from unnecessary loss due to vendor or private contractor fraud by providing the ability to search public records through variety of government and public record links using its innovative cloud based technology.

Most vendor fraud falls into three categories. The most common offenses include things such as double invoicing, padding expenses, or fraudulent billing. Less common, but still prevalent is deliberate falsification of financial statements, incomplete or shoddy work, or hiding of liabilities and expenses. This kind of corruption can lead to major financial losses, conflict of interest or even major legal problems that leave unsuspecting business owners holding the bill. puts power into the hands of the business owner, allowing them to get all information necessary to protect against vendor or contractor fraud.

These are individuals who lack any sense of ethics and will steal from any business or individual without feelings of guilt or concern. There is no thought of justifying the behavior, they simply steal. Unfortunately the economic difficulties add to the growing number of contractors and vendors who steal due to their own difficult financial situations.

What can business owners do to protect themselves from employee theft?
Most individuals who engage in fraud or theft have a history. indexes various free public records websites to assist people in performing free public record searches and provides background checks, criminal history checks, and civil judgment reports that allow businesses to be sure that the prospective or existing vendor or contractor has a clean record. The best means of fraud prevention is to learn all that there is to know about potential and ongoing vendors and contractors and cultivate strong and trusting relationships.
About:- is a comprehensive Public Records Search facility where consumers can obtain public records for free or at a reduced price. Our advanced cloud-based technology allows consumers to search for online providers within seconds. covers a wide variety of public records searches such as public criminal records, public property records and public court records which allows users access to information about sex offenders or unclaimed property, for instance. To access information about your demographic region or neighborhood, also covers public state records, public city records, public county records and more. Visit our blog for up-to-date information.

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